Comment from our Student 
I never wanted to take driving classes at the High School because it takes a full semester and it is way too long. My brother is a good friend with one of the Instructors at AAA and I ended up getting my license there. The Driving Classes were fun and scheduling times for my drives and observations was way too easy. Good job AAA Driving
I am very impressed with the Instructors at AAA Driving and how professional they are. Their programs are easy and their office staff is always willing to help you with any questions you have. AAA Driving is a Great School!
Taking my final driving Test at AAA was piece of cake! I work long hours and secretary found and opening for my test late afternoon on a Saturday. The instructor was very professional and offer me the test on English or Spanish so there was very convenient to test there. Good Job AAA
Great School! Keep up the good work!
BTW I like driving the AF car better LOL
Fantastic Instructors! Awesome atmosphere!
Thank you for helping me get my driver license! I feel confident to recommend my friends to you
The instructor at AAA Driving Academy made feel super comfortable during my driving test. I highly recommend coming to them to get their license
I decided to take driving Education at AAA Driving because of the great reviews they have on Google; to my surprise the service was much better than expected and my girlfriend and I got our Driver license in as little as 2 weeks. Thank you Fletcher for working with us
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